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Weldconn is the leading Manufacturers, suppliers, Dealers of welding machine accessories in Pune, Maharashtra. Our product range includes welding tips, tungsten electrodes, argon regulators, welding glasses, welding helmets, shoes, welding gloves, knee pads, safety glasses, flashback arrestors, etc.

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Welding is a manufacturing process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts and cool them to create a fusion. Welding differs from low-temperature techniques such as brazing and soldering, which do not melt the base material.

  • Welding helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment as it protects her eyes which are one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Welding helmets can also protect your face and neck from burns and sparks. All welders should wear durable welding helmets made from high quality materials as they also block the transmission of light and radiation.
  • You need good leather welding gloves to protect your hands from burns. A durable lining is required. Also, gauntlet gloves are best because they protect not only your hands but also your wrists. Different types of welding gloves are used for different welding projects, usually his TIG welding gloves, MIG welding gloves, stick welding gloves, etc.
  • Welding jackets should protect the entire upper body from high temperatures, UV rays, and welding spatter during work. In addition to protecting the body and arms from the outside, it is necessary to prevent hot metal parts from entering inside. Some of the most durable materials include leather, wool, and denim.
  • Safety Goggles can be used as an alternative to welding helmets, but should not be considered as such. Not a full face shield, just eye protection. For this reason, it should only be used in certain types of welding processes where sparks and spatter are infrequent. Good safety goggles protect your eyes from heat, light radiation, flying debris, and splashes of liquid chemicals.
  • Sturdy shoes can protect you from heavy objects that might fall on your feet. That is why you should buy quality boots that are comfortable yet have steel toe protection. More importantly, it has a non-conductive sole.
  • Different gases and vapors are produced depending on the type of welding process used. Protection comes in the form of a welding mask. All welders must wear a welder when working in an enclosed area where there is a smoke hazard.
  • Wearing sweat knee pads will allow you to work effectively while squatting or kneeling. Depending on the welding process, many metal parts fall to the floor. Knee pads protect your knees from debris, splinters and sharp objects falling on the ground.

Welding is a dangerous process that can harm your welder if used improperly. Safety equipment is important to protect workers from potentially dangerous situations.

Yes, that is right. Welding accessories improve safety, make the job easier, and improve the overall work experience.

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